My Secret (no longer) Breakfast Recipe #1

Breakfast! Some say the most important meal of the day, and I agree.

If I have a poor breakfast- it really does affect the rest of my day for the worst. From experimenting with different foods for breakfast, I now know which foods set me up right. And I do not compromise this during the week. My productivity is too important to have a bowl of cereal or a bagel for breakfast. So, I eat a variation of three breakfasts that I know work for me and on the weekend I make some yummy pancakes or try something new. Here is one of my breakfasts:

Note: This breakfast works for ME. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. Everyone is different!


Jenna’s Crazy Smoothie

Yes I have to preface this recipe: Often people ask what I put in my smoothie and I am hesitant to tell them. I put a lot of different food in it, some potentially offsetting. Like peas. Yes I put peas in my smoothie. Why? Because they have protein and fiber! Anyways this is a smoothie that many people may think is disgusting, but my taste buds have adapted to it, so it's what I like. Just because I eat it doesn't mean you should. That is the cool thing about smoothies- there are infinite possibilities. You can choose what you put in them.

Note: Highlighted in green are linked to the products that I like and use. I am also experimenting with being an Amazon affiliate, so I get a % when you purchase the products I recommend. Let me know what you think or if you have questions about the products I like!


Phase 1

Frozen Organic Berries- flavor, fiber and antioxidants

Frozen Peas- protein, fiber

Frozen Mango (if I have it)- flavor, natural sweetness

Frozen Kale or Spinach-(I like frozen so I can use the fresh for eating raw or cooking) variety of nutrients, detoxifying, promote healthy circulation

Chia Seeds- hydration, omega 3s

Hemp Seeds- easily digestible protein

Ground Flax- keeps me regular! Whole flax seeds do not get digested, so I recommend buying flax seeds and grinding a 1/2 cup or so in a coffee grinder. Keep sealed in the fridge, as this ensures that they have not gone rancid. Rancidity gets in the way of healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Water, Coconut Water, Hemp Milk, or Unsweetened Cranberry Juice- but usually just water (often hot water to make my smoothie room temperature, cold foods in the morning are not ideal).

→ I let all this sit for awhile while I am getting ready so it warms up a bit (especially in the winter)

Phase 2

Raw Cacao Powder- because it’s the #1 superfood! And for energy, magnesium, antioxidants, mood and brain function

Maca Powder- energy, stabilize hormones

Bee Pollen- immune system, stabilizes metabolism, supports digestion

Turmeric- anti-inflammatory, preventive many major diseases (ex. cancer)

Cayenne- absorb the benefits of turmeric, digestion, warmth

Cinnamon- warmth, regulates blood sugar, taste

Fresh Ginger- warmth, digestion

Spirulina- most nutrient filled foods on the planet, cures just about everything (some smart people say)

Banana- sweetness

Stevia, Honey or Dates (if I don't add a banana)- just a touch for sweetness and to make it editable

Coconut oil- I want to absorb all these expensive and healthful nutrients! And it is anti-everything (fungal, bacterial, microbial, etc…)


Crazy right??? Yea, I know. But it works. It really is a lot of ingredients, but probably a lot less than if you use a pre-made protein powder and I know exactly what is going in mine and why.

This smoothie isn’t super cheap, but I know that I am getting real nutrients. I also have accumulated these superfoods over time. I buy 1-2 superfoods at a time so I don't go completely broke.  One purchase usually lasts awhile so you don't have to buy the same one for quite sometime.

Surprisingly this smoothie really only takes 5 minutes to make- as I know where everything is and can make it pretty quickly!


What do you put in your smoothes???