The One Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself, the Environment and Your Health


Do you have a CSA box?

What?!! No? Go get one right now! Seriously, your life will improve dramatically.

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is an opportunity to get fresh, local and organic vegetables and fruits. And support small, local farmers directly. It is a total win-win situation. 

What getting a CSA box will do for you:

  • It will support you in eatting more fresh veggies (especially leafy greens) which gives you energy, clarity and detoxification.

  • It will give you the opportunity to eat different vegetables so you get more variety of nutrients.

  • It will encourage you to be more creative in the kitchen.

  • It will support you to eat seasonally. Eating what is in season is ideal for your health and wellbeing and connects you to your environment.

  • You will feel good about supporting real farmers without the middleman and big corporations. You know exactly who you are supporting and where your money is going (exactly to where it should be going)- to the hardworking farmer.

  • You will feel excitement every time you get a box. What will be in there??? What will I make? Fun stuff!!!

  • You will feel more connected to your food, farmers and fellow CSAers- Farm tours, CSA pick up sites, recipe exchanges are all opportunities to meet new people and connect more with people you already know. Plus knowing others that are eating the same veggies as you is kinda fun.

I tell you it is all good- for everybody!

So how do you find a CSA in your area? Go to the farmers market and ask around or check out for a CSA database. If you are in the Tahoe area Mountain Bounty Farms is a great option!


What are you waiting for? Go get your fresh, local veggies!!!



Already have a CSA box? Write in the comments below what you love about it!