Why I Turned My Bra Inside Out.

I’ll be real here for a moment.

Undergarments are uncomfortable.

I get frustrated ten minutes after I put them on. And I have finally fully acknowledged this.

I have been on a mission to find better options. But it hasn’t been easy. I have found a few ok ones, but they never always work. I am still working on finding the perfect underwear, but I did have an enlightening moment about bras.

I was sitting on my floor, trying to decided what bra to wear that would work with the clothes I was going to put on (often a daily challenging moment for us ladies). I wanted to wear an underwire bra as the fit and straps would work with what I was wearing, but I really didn’t want to wear one because underwire is so uncomfortable. As I was asking myself why so many bras are so painful, I realized why.

Many bras are made for the observer, not the wearer, which is most commonly, men.

Think about it. If bras were truly made for women, they would be made differently. 

If bras were in fact made for women, why are the seams and tags on the inside? Why not put those uncomfortable bits on the outside where we wouldn’t feel them?

We women have to wear them all darned day and if you ask what the top 2 things we want in a bra, I bet it would be comfort and support. Our partners or casual encounters thinking it looks good, would be farther down the list, probably somewhere between price and durability.

But alas, most bras are made for looks. Like they are some accessory that we women just like to wear to feel sexy. Oddly enough we haven’t quite realized that not much is less sexy than discomfort (although it does incentivize taking it off- ahh ha! Perhaps that is all part of the conspiracy!!! Hehe.).

Anyways, while I was having this discovery and being frustrated and angry, I thought, hmm what would happen if I wore my bra inside out then? So I did. And it was soooo much more comfortable!

So why does this matter so much?

If we are willing to and are commonly wearing clothes that are causing constant discomfort and annoyance, do you think we are showing ourselves that we care about ourselves? That we are worth eating well, getting exercise, relaxing, etc? That we are worth being comfortable?

There are so many subtle ways we can show ourselves that we love ourselves or not. And if we keep doing things that shows ourself over and over that we are not worth it, what do you think we will believe at the end of the day?

Deep down some part of us is keeping score. And the more that we can prove to ourselves that we are worthy and we do love ourselves, the more we will actually believe it and it will effect all the other decisions we make during our day.

Perhaps, then one day we will effortlessly be more gentle, caring, and compassionate towards ourselves and that will turn into unshakable confidence, power, grace and beauty.

Because you are worth being comfortable.

That is my vision anyways.

One day I might just stop wearing one altogether and society will just have to deal with it.