How I Save Time In The Morning

My Smoothie System


It is all about the system. We think it is all about the goal, but systems are what allow us to reach our goals. As a healthy living coach, I have a goal (obviously) of eating healthy and one system that helps me eat healthier is having smoothie making system.

Built-in systems helps us conserve mental space, energy and time, as well as making certain things automatic and aids in habit formation. Which all are really important when working on reaching a goal.

Before I created a smoothie system, I would make one smoothie at a time which entailed pulling out 10 or so ingredients and putting them back, dirtying a spoon, spilling ingredients all over the counter, and 10 minutes. Not bad and totally worth it, but still possible to save some mental space, time and energy.

Before smoothie system, the time to make 10 smoothies was about 1.5 hours.

Now what I do is take 7-10 jars out (I use jars that my immersion blender fits in). Then I pull the ingredients out and make 7-10 smoothies at one time, minus the liquid. Then I just put the lids on and put them in the freezer. I clean up. Max time is about 15 minutes. So now when I want a smoothie for breakfast (maybe 2-3 times a week) I pull out a jar, add liquid, blend, rinse off the immersion blender, and consume. Which takes maybe 3 minutes.

Now time for 10 smoothies= 45 minutes

It cut my time in half plus the mental space and energy saved!

Imagine if you created systems like this for other things. How much more time and energy would you save?

Please share in the comments below- What systems have you created in your life that make your life easier?


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