3 Steps to Keep it Healthy While Camping

I know, camping is like vacation and well, it is vacation. And when we are on vacation we want to indulge. We want more chips, cookies and tastier food than usual because we are in relaxation mode.

So how do we not fall totally off track when we are camping?

Step one: Eat healthier at home.

I know, this is a funny answer. But it is true how we eat most often tells how we will eat the rest of the time. The healthier we eat at home by eating veggies, whole grains, drinking water etc… our taste buds change. We start enjoying and craving more veggies, fresh food and nutrient satisfying foods- then we will want more of these foods while camping.

Step two: Pre-make some healthy tasty dishes.

On my latest camping trip I spent sometime before cooking so I wouldn’t have to while out in the dirt. I pre-made rice and beans, cooked sweet potatoes, made a quinoa salad and pre-prepared a kale salad. Kale salad is excellent because it lasts longer than regular salad and tastes better the more it marinades- you can even put it on sandwiches! Rice and beans go great with just some tasty salsa you bought or made and avocado. And sweet potatoes are a great filler and fulfill sweet cravings.

Step three: Indulge a little bit.

Go ahead and buy that tasty loaf of bread you don’t buy all the time to make some epic sandwiches. Get one bag of your favorite chips to go with that homemade guacamole. And make a tasty batch of cookies to share with the group.

Overall is about coming back from camping not totally nutrient deprived and dehydrated. So just plan a little bit. If you can do nothing else- bring a kale salad. And have fun. Realize you also may be getting different important nutrients like social connection, nature time and movement that are just as important as iron, potassium and calcium.

So get out there and get dirty!