Beyond Skin: A Poem



Beyond Skin


It sucks not thinking you are beautiful

I don’t like picking you apart.

Seeing your imperfections as faults

Comparing myself to you

Finding what I have that you don't

Seeing what you have that I don't

Sizing you up in the 2 minutes and 37 seconds that we chat

You're doing it too.

It’s not fair

To you

To me

To the world

And I’m tired

You have more to offer.

I have more to offer.


What if we agree to look into each other’s eyes for a minute

Before we speak.

Seeing past the obvious

Looking beyond the skin

Acknowledging the hurt we both have felt.

Realizing the power we both have.

Accepting the differences between us

Knowing that if things are going to change

We have to do it together.

We have to see that we both are beautiful.

We have to feel that we both are one.



Jenna Granger