1 Thing You Can Do Every Morning To Create a Great Day Every Day


The Importance of Morning Rituals

The morning is a powerful time. It prepares us for the rest of the day. But unfortunately so often it’s a time of fogginess, hurriedness and thoughtlessness. We rush through our morning to get to work on time. Perhaps the most intentional thing we do is turn on the coffee pot- it is all a blur before and after that.

So what happens when we start the day with fogginess, hurriedness and thoughtlessness? Well, the rest of the day is more likely to be like that as well.

Mornings are when intentions for the day are set whether we are setting them or not. Everyday we are showing ourselves how the day will go by how we feel and act in the morning.

What if your morning was more clear, focused, calm, energized and most importantly intentional?

How do you want to feel during your day?

How can you set yourself up for feeling this way throughout the day?

I know on my work days, I want to feel productive like I accomplished something and therefore will put something out in the world that means something. I have created a ritual of sitting down and setting the intention to be productive. When I do this, I notice that for the rest of the day I tend to automatically make choices that support productivity. I am more likely to be careful about what I eat, I get less distracted and I take a break when I need to.

The one most important thing you can do for creating the day you want is to create a morning ritual that sets you up right.

This ritual will look different for everyone.

What do you want your day to feel like? Calm, smooth, powerful, energized, interesting?

Pick a ritual that will support that feeling in your day.

Options include:

  • reading

  • meditating

  • praying

  • setting an intention

  • breathing

  • doing yoga

  • going outside, breathing the fresh air and welcoming the day

  • going for a short walk

  • drinking tea/ coffee in the sun focusing on the moment

Choose whatever feels the best for you and know it doesn’t have to take that much time. Taking a breath and setting an intention for the day takes about 15 seconds. Set a goal to do your ritual everyday for one week and see how it feels. Like it? Go for another two weeks. Make it a habit.

Creating one morning ritual that you do everyday gives you the power to start intentionally creating your day. Which then leads to intentionally creating your life.