1 Awesome Thing You Can Do To Take Full Advantage of Summer (especially if you work inside)

The summer can be hard. Especially where I live. It is a destination for many vacationers. People are having fun. They are outside enjoying the sun. Fun sports and activities are all being enjoyed by people around me. It can make sitting at home in my house and being on the computer tough. Everyone else is on vacation mode and I can hear them.

I often find myself staring outside and wishing I too was able to just go paddleboarding, biking or swimming. But alas, I have work to do and I am fortunate enough to live where people want to be and when my works is over I too can enjoy.

So there is one thing I have been doing to make up for my time inside working.

Sleeping outside.

And I love it.

I carry out a little mattress I got at a Ikea with a down comforter and a pillow, put down a sheet and sleep on my deck.

Humans have evolved outside. And when we are outside we feel good. We connect with nature which relieves our stress and brings us back into our natural rhythm.

But not only do we work inside, we are also in the habit going home and being inside. What if we, just for the summer, changed this habit?


Because sleeping outside:

  1. Grows your outside to inside ratio for the day.

  2. Provides fresh air.

  3. Naturally wakes you up with the sound of birds and light of the sun.

  4. Allows you to see the sunrise (I may not always get up, but I wake up, smile and go back to sleep).

  5. Can be cooler (sleeping in cooler temperatures actually supports quality sleep).

  6. Supports you to get back into your natural rhythm.

I know, not everyone lives in a remote, foresty area, but I have slept many a-night on a rooftop in the middle of Chicago and it was quite nice and a heck-of -a-lot cooler than inside. I even saw some stars.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is half over which means you have half the summer to be sleeping under the stars!


What has been your experience of sleeping outside? Please share in the comments below!