5 Super Fun Ways to Boost Your Energy

I am quite baffled and amazed by people that have loads of energy. Some people just never stop. Not me, I stop and often.

Energy has always been more elusive for me. My nickname from my dad growing up was, Lazybutt. This of course didn’t help, however made it obvious how low energy has always been a challenge for me. Of course there are positives to being a mellow, chill, relaxed person, but it makes things like getting things done, doing something, and having fun with people harder.

And sometimes I want just to do those things.

So I need energy.

And I look for it in many ways.

Energy has a lot to do with what we eat and getting exercise, but there are other ways too. Fun ways.

Here is what I do when I want to have fun and increase my energy:

  1. Dance Break: Nothing breaks up a low energy slump like a dance break. Whether it is in the car, office, kitchen, or outside. Dance breaks get my heart pumping, makes me move my body in different ways, changes my rhythm of breathing, and raise my joyfulness. And it only takes a few minutes to turn it up and get down!
  2. Laughing with Friends: I agree, giggling, laughing till my side hurts and I can hardly breath is, the best medicine. It brings delight and energy through connection, relaxation (is your mind and body not calm after a major laughing session?), brings me to the present moment, and releases stress. I get so energized hanging out with the silliest of friends while making inappropriate jokes.
  3. Jumping in Cold Water: Now this may not sound like fun to you, but sometimes you just got to do it. Whether it is in the ocean, lake, or river. Find one and jump in. I have never regretted jumping in my cold water of choice: Lake Tahoe. Although, I admit, I do wait for it to warm up a bit after the winter, but a chilling dip always brings me a smile and a burst of energy and clarity. Or when I don’t have a cold water source near by, I just turn my shower to cold for a minute before I get out so I feel energized and refreshed!
  4. Playing Games: Adults are allowed to play games too. There is something so fun about games. It brings me back that pure joy that I experienced when I was a kid. (And so often we think we have grown out of. But I tell you, it is still there!) Whether it be a fun game of Bocce, Duck Duck Goose, or my personal favorite Everybody Is It, I am guaranteed to get amped and have a smile on my face during and after. It is always a good idea to make some time for some good ol’ fashioned fun. Best games for energy are outside and involved movement.
  5. Animals: Animals have no ego; therefore have nothing to hold them back from being really silly and weird. Just watching animals makes me laugh, takes me out of my world, and frees me up to be my true, blissful, energized self! I mean why else do you think there are so many cat videos? (Little kids do this too!)

What are your favorite fun ways to raise your energy? Please share below!