A Letter to Coca Cola

Dear Coca-Cola,

You are being ridiculous.

We know what you are doing.

Trying to save your ass (we know that you are aren't trying to save your soul).

Because you know you are on the way out. More and more people are not wanting to drink their calories. Not wanting 39 grams of sugar (in a 12oz!) in their beverage. They are starting to read the ingredients. And even -gasp- to stop drinking soda entirely!

I know that must be scary for you.

How are you dealing with this fear?

Just like a little kid that doesn’t know how to handle their emotions properly yet, you are trying to blame someone else for your problems that you have created. How have you not learned that many see right through this self protection? I guess it makes sense, you are blinded by your greed.

By solely blaming exercise for obesity, all you’re really doing is showing the world how desperate you are.

Exercise is important in a healthy life- no doubt- but so is what we put in our bodies. And most of us know this.

The unfortunate thing is some people out there are misinformed enough to think that you have their best interest at heart. And will listen to you and your new ‘non-profit’. But clearly you do not, as by proving that not exercising is the real reason behind unhealthiness you are going to mess people up even more. Confuse them even more. Skew their idea of healthy living even more. So they will just get sicker.

But hopefully we are wise enough to see through your greedy shenanigans.

Because we already fell for this once. The sugar industry has already done this. Remember back in the 80s when they started pointing their finger at how bad fat was for you? Then we all went in the 90s and bought nonfat everything? But we could only eat those nonfat foods when extra sugar was added? Yea, and big sugar supported all that research that ‘proved’ fat was really unhealthy, that made everyone gain weight, and that was evil. Thanks for that by the way- now our hormones are all out of whack, many of us still have skewed ideas of healthy eating and we are more overweight than ever, with more health problems than ever.

So I am hoping this time it can be different. People can remember that healthy living is about diet and exercise, but also about a lot more. It never comes down to one thing. We live in a world where everything is connected, why would this be different?

So Coke, you’re not going to get us this time. We have health coaches out there now informing people to what is really up.

And little do you know the more people exercise the more people crave healthy food- so the less coke they will end up drinking. So maybe you should just take this cue and shut your doors now- it will save all those schools and cities trying to outlaw you a lot of work.


A Concerned Health Coach

Read more about Coca Cola’s new focus on exercise in the New York Times article here.