My Favorite Cookbook

Thug Kitchen has yet to let me down.

Last year I stumbled upon the Thug Kitchen Blog and I could not stop laughing and drooling (the food just looked so good). Not only did all the recipes look amazing, but the presentation (there is a lot of swearing) was hilarious.

Thug Kitchen nails it.

There is a common, perhaps subtle to some, rhetoric when it comes to healthy living. Which is usually presented in a certain way. This ends up including some people and excluding others. Healthy living has often been seen as part of a middle and upper class culture. And even geared to a certain group within those classes. Perhaps women more than men, liberal more than conservative, etc…

Thug Kitchen, is helping to alleviate this and bring healthy eating to a bigger audience by changing the language and understanding for a bigger expanse of people whether they are eating healthy already or not. TK is also helping make the important, but seemingly giant transition from fast food to homemade and healthy. 

Another aspect that I love about Thug Kitchen, is their ability to make healthy eating fun, light and hilarious. It is so easy to get caught up in taking healthy eating and living so seriously. This can be why it seems so hard and inaccessible. One thing I work with my clients on is making healthy living fun. Thug Kitchen does this well through the -ahgm- colorful language, descriptions and humor. TK reminds you to relax and just enjoy cooking yourself a damn good meal.

I was so excited to receive the book, I have used it many times and have not yet been disappointed by any of the recipes. So not only am I cooking yummy food, but I am also found laughing to myself in the kitchen. Which, I feel, we should all be doing more of.

So get yourself (or a friend, it's a great wedding, birthday gift) a copy here with my affiliate link: the best $12 you will ever spend, or at least check out the blog:

Bonus! TK has 2 new books as well! 

  • Thug Kitchen Party Grub: I have this book and have yet to make many recipes, but I sure did make the Poppy Seed Potato Salad and it was delish! There are definitely some great potluck ideas in here and fun foods to make on occasion. I would go with TK #1 to start out with, however.
  • Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F**k: I have yet to check this one out, but you are darn sure this is on my birthday wishlist. This is all about quick easy meals that save you from poor health and an empty wallet. I am in!


NOTE: You will not like this book/blog if you are offended by explicit language. That is ok if you are. There are plenty of other cookbooks without this language (basically every other cookbook out there).