My Favorite Chocolate Bar

Chocolate is great not only for it’s amazing superfood status and power, but also because it feels like it can feed a deep part of our soul. I am an advocate for having a little bit of 70% higher dark chocolate every day or so. Because cacao has many health benefits- it is the added sugar, additives, and dairy added to most chocolates that is the unhealthy part.

Cacao is often thought of as the superfood for weight-loss and high-energy as well as being great for keeping a healthy cardiovascular system. It also increases blood flow to the brain enhancing brain function. Cacao has very high levels of antioxidants (some say the highest of all foods), which protects us from free radical damage. It is also high in magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin c (raw only), tryptophan- a mood enhancer (raw only), serotonin and fiber. Cacao also has the endorphin, Anandamide, known as the bliss chemical. With all these nutrients and natural mood elevators, it makes sense why we love it so much! So get yourself some raw dark chocolate and enjoy!

As I believe good chocolate is an important element in a healthy lifestyle. It is then important to know why the good kinds are so good.  My favorite chocolate brand is Theo. Check out the reasons below:

  1. It tastes good- plain and simple!

  2. Yummy Flavors- Theo is always coming out with new yummy products like chocolate coconut bites or honey chocolate.

  3. Wide range of 70% or higher Dark Chocolate- the healthy stuff!

  4. Organic- the first brand to be organic and fair trade certified in the US!

  5. Soy-Free- one of the few brands.

  6. Dedicated to Sustainability- they are Demeter Certified- the highest standards for sustainable/ biodynamic farming.

  7. Fair Trade- all about working to create healthy communities with everyone of that is involved in their chocolate making process.


What else could you ask for in a product?


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Soap Box Moment:
It is important to realize how we vote everyday by what we buy. I am all about supporting companies that are about creating a great product while still supporting the planet and it's communities. Start intentionally voting with your dollars!!!