My Favorite Exercise- You Maybe Surprised

So my favorite exercise is actually not paddle-boarding, mountain biking, kiteboarding, or skiing. Its walking. Yep good ol’ fashioned walking. I do like doing those other things, but those take a lot more time, energy and/or money. Walking is for the people. Humans actually. We have been walking for days. By that, I mean for thousands of years. Some anthropologists even say walking is what made us human as bipedal walking is part of what set us apart from our prehistoric Great Ape brethren. This ‘slow’ movement is what allowed our expansion throughout the globe and that is pretty cool. Walking is then our first source of exercise (well that and running from strong hungry animals with big teeth or running after calm, meaty, animals with small teeth). So I say let’s get back to our roots and take a walk around the block or two.

 Why I Love To Walk

1. It's Grounding

We live in an age of extremes. We work like crazy, then we eat like it was our job, then we workout even harder. Well I say, maybe it doesn't have to be that way. Perhaps we could all just take a big breath in and slow the heck down. Why do we have to go as big, as hard, and as fast as everyone around us? Perhaps if we slow down everything else will too.

When I walk I feel a powerful sense of calming, especially when I walk alone in Nature. I feel closer to the earth, more grounded in myself and I get into the rhythm of the trees, water, and clouds. Which feels good to me.


2. See Cool Stuff

When we walk we are at a pace that we can actually take in what is happening around us. We can see the pretty flowers coming up, smell them even. We can talk to people. And we may notice a tree or a cool house that we never saw before. We see pretty much everything we miss when we are driving.


3. Right Pace For Thinking, Having Ideas and Creativity

I have so many of my creative ideas out walking and it allows me to move through any stuckness I may be experiencing. The natural rhythm is perfect for brain function and brain development. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this, Beethoven, Freud, Carl Jung, Faulkner, Victor Hugo, and Darwin all took long daily walks in between working.


4. Moves Emotions Through

If I am feeling frustrated, annoyed, tired etc I always feel better after a walk. Often my low energy will turning to high-energy brainstorming time. I will then get back home and get everything done on my list and I will feel better about whatever I was upset about.


5. Can Do It Anywhere (for the most part)

Walking, like I said is the movement of the people. Walking is accessible in most places, unless you live in a super sketchy neighborhood, there is crazy weather outside (although when dressed right can be a fun adventure), or you live on a freeway- you can pretty much walk around. At the very least we can drive to a cool place to walk (even to a gym with a treadmill). Parks, trails, nice neighborhoods, beaches, places with hills and views, and wherever else.


6. Fun Variations

There are so many interesting places you can walk (mentioned above). And you can mix up your walking style by skipping, doing high knees, kicking your butt, doing lunges, or even dancing!


Walking is the best.


Action steps:

1.Plan at least one walk this week- with yourself, a friend, or a dog!

2.Tell me why you love to walk in the comment section below!!!



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