Be the Olympic Athlete of Your Life

Do you ever wish you were like an olympic athlete? Not that you spent hours and hours training for one sport or had to perform at high stress levels, but that you had that focus and determination? That clear purpose everyday? That motivation? That constant strive to be better than the day before?

You don’t have to be an olympic athlete for that. What top performers utilize that many of us don’t is- intentionality. They intentionally create how they are going to eat, move, sleep and think each day. Each day they look back over the day before and see what they could have done better. How they could have improved.

Why don’t the rest of us do this? Are our lives less important? Are we not capable?

I believe it is because we:

a) Don't have a coach- no second pair of eyes helping us see new ways of doing things, supporting us when we are having a good time, and celebrating with us when we have a success.

b) We don’t know how. We have never been taught how to intentionally create our days for more energy, focus, clarity, contentment and enthusiasm.

c) We don't have the clarity, focus, vision of where we want to go. Many of us are confused or getting pulled along in the ride of life.

d) We think we don’t have the time to spend perfecting ourselves, as we have jobs.


What if you had support, someone encouraging and educating you and holding you accountable? What if you had the information on how to move forward, so you know what to focus on next? What if you also had a clear vision of where you want to go that was pulling you forward? And what if you saw how your job is an opportunity to perfect yourself- just in a different way?

How would a this feel? Do you think you would start to feel more powerful, intentional, focused, and energized? I think so.

This is what health coaching is all about. Letting you be the olympic athlete of your life.


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