My Favorite Snack Bar

Kit’s Organics by ClifBar are by far my favorite bar. They are a must for the bottom of my purse, bike rides, hikes and epic shopping days (living in the mountains 1 hour from major stores, shopping usually takes a whole day in the Biggest Little City, so good snacks are a must). These little guys are tasty, healthy and filling.

The best thing about Kit’s, is they have less than 5 ingredients–all whole foods. This is a major feat in the processed world we live in and in direct comparison with most other ‘health bars’ that are filled with processed, isolated and fortified ingredients.

I am a major believer in nature. The wholistic way nature puts food together makes it so our body can digest and assimilate the nutrients, minerals and vitamins within that food. When our food is taken apart and reassembled, our body has a tougher time.

These bars do, however, have a highish amount of sugar. The major fact that makes this ok with me is that the sugar is in whole food form from whole dates. Most other bars may have less sugar but it is processed and isolated making it harder for the body to assimilate correctly.

For me, I don’t feel a major sugar rush with these bars. I wouldn’t recommend eating these (or any bar/ prepackaged food) all the time or everyday, but for those instances when you need something solid and are not near a kitchen they are perfect.

These bars are similar to Larabars, but organic and owned by an awesome company, ClifBar. ClifBar is a company dedicated to sustainability with the environment and communities. Clif has a goal to become a Zero Waste Company, not just in their offices and factories, but with events and recycling of their packaging.

Also working to support communities, Clifbar has a goal of donating at least 2080 hours per year (the amount one employee works in a year) to volunteering with nonprofits, although this number is usually majorly surpassed- in 2013, 60,000 hours were donated!

They also stand for using sustainable and organic ingredients and supporting active lifestyles. This is a true For-Purpose business! So it works out that they also provide healthy tasty treats!

Buy yourself a box of my favorite flavor: cashew here with my link: eat and run!

Soap Box Moment:

It is important to realize how we vote everyday by what we buy. Let us support companies that are about creating a great product while still supporting the planet, their employees and our communities. Start intentionally voting with your dollars!!!