How to Make Healthy Lasting Changes - Three Types of Change

'Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

Albert Einstein


3 Types of Change

We all know the old adage 'real change takes time,' right? Well its true, real change does take time. But we so often become impatient and want things to change immediately–especially when it comes to dietary changes, changes with health or our weight. Change is not easy and we can become jaded after many failures, but everyone has the potential to make long lasting changes, no matter how many times you have failed in the past. Its all about knowing the different ways of making change and finding your balance with them.

1st Type of Change

The first type of change is from the outside in. We often use this type of change when making dietary changes. Lets use that as an example: Usually when we want to change something about our diet we do it by telling ourself to stop eating something (sweets, gluten, potato chips, soda, etc..). We restrict ourself and we work really hard to resist the temptations. This is the first type of change: change from the outside in or us telling ourself to stop a certain behavior. This type of change works some of the time. Most of us have had the experience of resisting a food and then becoming overwhelmed with longing and desire for it and end up giving up (especially if we are already stressed out). After giving up we beat ourselves up for not sticking to our goal and then believe that we have failed and have no willpower from then on. Change from the outside in is therefore really hard to sustain and can cause harm if we lose confidence in ourselves which can lead to not attempting change again in the future.

2nd Type of Change

The second way to create change is from the inside out. You do this by listening to and observing your body. This change takes longer, but actually creates change from a level deeper than the mind. Your body tells you what it wants and doesn't want. This type of change can be hard because it takes time and faith in yourself. Most of us have never been taught how to listen and observe our body in this way before. This type of change, with patience and allowance for the learning process, can create long lasting change as well as a deeper connection to our mind, emotions and body.

3rd Type of Change

I like to promote change through the third way which is a combination of the two. We work to first learn how to change from the inside out and then go onto finding the balance between outside in and inside out change making. Sometimes it can be beneficial to restrict and push ourselves a bit (especially if we have food allergies or sensitivities) and it can make us stronger. It is also good to be in touch with our body and know what it wants and needs to feel its best. Therefore, a proper balance can be an ideal way to make doable long lasting changes that grow our self confidence, strength and overall health.