The Power of A Good Breakfast


 The power of a good breakfast is incredibly important as I have been realizing through not only my own experience, but through working with my clients as well. Finding foods that are going to sustain you and fulfill you is one of the first steps to creating a healthy lifestyle.

If we think about the ingredients in the most common breakfast foods in the US, it is usually sugar, white flour, processed corn, and processed meat. Obviously these are not ideal nutrient filled foods. Starting our day with a breakfast that is jammed packed with nutrients instead of empty calories we will be able to generate the natural energy that we need to be able to make it through our busy days without caffeine, sugar, or unhealthful snacking. 

How we start our day is important. Very important. 

Getting a good start to the day is not even that hard once you find the right foods that work for you. Firstjust notice the next time you eat something sugary (made with added sugars- not naturally occurring sugars, like in fruit) for breakfast and observe your eating habits the rest of the day. Then try adding a few things to your breakfastlike greens into your scrambles/eggs, or nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruit (w/o added sugars) to your cereals. Adding in healthy foods is a great way to transition into a healthier diet.How we start our day is important. Very Important. So having a good breakfast is setting yourself up for success the rest of the day.