3 Month Program online group program designed for you to really move forward with your health goals. We focus on:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Exercise
  • Stress relief

This program includes:

  1. Bi-weekly videos (6 total)
  2. Individual Health Coaching Sessions 
  3. Individual Accountability Calls
  4. Group Calls
  5. Handouts and Worksheets

This program is designed for people who are busy, but want to start living a healthier life and tired of just making short lived changes.

I have had grad students, parents, people who have just began new jobs- all people who are incredibly busy take this program. 

When you are busy is when you need support the most. You don't have time to research healthy living habits, figure out what to implement, etc. That is my job. And I have packaged it up for you in a way that you can fit into your crazy schedule, when you have time (hence the videos you can watch at anytime).

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