I love giving talks. There is something so inspiring about inspiring others!

Growing up being super shy was hard. I didn't know how to express myself. I knew I had something inside me to share with others. It was painful keeping it in.

My first time having fun on stage was preforming as Michael Jackson in a high school air band competition. Full brag: I got second.

Since then I have pushed myself to be able to speak in front of others and as I said, I now love giving talks. It energizes me and encourages me to learn and grow so that I can give the best talk I can.

Since starting my business I have offered talks at schools, non-profits, businesses, and offices.

I also offer Wellness in the Workplace: a series of short talks about creating healthy habits. This supports employees in thinking about their health and thinking about it differently so that they can really start implementing changes. This supports efficiency, healthier working relationships, productivity, creativity, and enjoyment in the workplace. I can do this in person or through video.

Please let me know if you are interested in having me come talk at your business, school, office, or non-profit. 

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