About me.



Hey hey! I am Jenna.

Welcome to my story.

I serve.

Ideally people who struggle with incorporating:

  • healthy eating
  • exercise
  • stress relief techniques into their lives

I do this because I want people to feel awesome. So they can do the amazing things they are suppose to do in this world.

I show people how to find:

  • confidence in the kitchen
  • satisfaction with exercise
  • fulfillment in life

I do this because I know they can.

I have 4 years of experience running my coaching business, working with non-profits, schools and business on healthy living and regularly serving over 400 people.

Hey the more people that feel awesome, the more awesome the world is, right? Because when people are thinking clearly, have energy and confidence-look out evil! We are coming for you!

Clients sometimes call me a mesh of a therapist, life coach, nutritionist, and physical trainer- none of which I am, but I definitely bring in aspects of all. I mean, how cool is it that I can draw from all of my experiences and use them to serve the world?!!

My main health coaching education comes from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition- a very popular international program that provides education from the top leaders and researchers in the nutrition, health and wellness fields.

I love that IIN focused on a wide variety of dietary theories and this multi approach goes along quite nicely with my Bachelor's in Cultural Anthropology. The world knows what's up. I mean why just learn from one part of the world, when there are thousands of years of knowledge and experiences throughout!

I also teach powerful stress relief and happiness programs that are offered internationally to adults and high school students. These programs provide transformative techniques, education on how the mind works and social-emotional growth. I have been a part of this unique program since I was 13, so sharing it's power with others is incredible.

But when I am not coaching, teaching, writing blogs and newsletters, making healthy living videos, or giving talks you can find me out mountain biking, hiking up mountains or swimming in the beautiful and refreshing, Lake Tahoe.

Or I could be off gallivanting the globe to places like Baja, India or New Zealand or just keeping it real by camping in California.

However, most often you will find me planning my next meal and scheming how I can sneak leafy greens into it. Because I love food. I mean, I chose a profession where I can think about it all the time! Plus it allows me to really explore what a healthy relationship with food is.

Yay! You're still here! Ok, if you still want to know more about me, here are 7 things you probably didn't know:

  1. I would definitely rather be a pirate than a ninja.
  2. I play volleyball once a week with my mish-mash of a family and any of my adventurous, tolerant friends (that can deal with above mentioned family).
  3. I once wore a life jacket and ski goggles to class in high school because I felt like it. (Yes, I felt very safe that day.)
  4. I love taking dance breaks.
  5. Thrift store shopping is my jam (relax- I did it even before Macklemore).
  6. I meditate almost (hey, I'm not perfect) everyday. I learned in India when I was 16.
  7. My favorite foods are dark chocolate and avocados (no, not together, but maybe...)

Yep that is a bit about me!

What about you? Are you a pirate or ninja?

Book a free 1 hour consultation by clicking the button below with me this very second and let me know!

Don't worry I work with pirates AND ninjas!


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