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Places Jenna Granger Health Coaching Has Given Talks/Workshops:

  • Community Collaborative, Truckee 
  • Tahoe Safe Alliance
  • North Tahoe Family Resource Center
  • Truckee Family Resource Center
  • North Tahoe High School
  • Truckee North Tahoe High School
  • South Lake Tahoe Breast Cancer Recovery Group
  • Base Camp Collaborative, Incline Village
  • Asante Fitness, Tahoe City
  • Tahoe Mill Collective, Alpine Meadows
  • Well Being- Massage and Skin Care, Kings Beach
  • Lake Tahoe Wellness Center, Kings Beach
  • For Goodness Sake, Truckee

Wellness Education Participants

Testimonials from wellness talks at The Truckee Family Resource Center: 
“Jenna’s presentation at our staff meeting a few months ago sparked a wellness-centered discussion amongst our staff members and sparked further motivation for self-care. She offered helpful tools and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle that have been easily applicable to my life. She delivers her presentation in a way that reminds you of your own agency and empowers participants to take charge of their wellness, sans any guilt we may already be carrying.”
“Jenna is wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable on a variety of health topics and makes learning about health and nutrition and making real lifestyle changes feel possible. She’s fun, engaging and approachable. I would highly recommend Jenna to anyone interested in make healthy changes in their life. ”
“Jenna’s talk with us here at the FRC was very informative and enjoyable. Her knowledge of nutrition, coupled with catering to our specific needs as an office, changed (for the better) subtle habits at the FRC. I really liked how we noticed our cravings and energy cycles much more after her visit. These observations allowed us to make health-conscious decisions that altered our lifestyles, in and out of the workplace. Jenna is approachable, down-to-earth, and espouses honesty with oneself, which makes the process of a lifestyle change much easier. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice in the nutritional/lifestyle changes realm!”
Testimonial from a self-care talk on stress at Tahoe Safe Alliance 2015:
"Jenna's stress presentation is fun, educational and enlightening. She provides a safe place for people to share and helps them understand the importance and role that accountability plays in controlling our stress!"
-Karen Carey, Executive Director Tahoe Safe Alliance

The Why Wait Program

"I learned that "healthy" isn't solely related to food and exercise. I learned that "healthy" means living in balance and harmony with the other essential foods the Why Wait program suggests. I learned that replacing bad habits of the mind and body, are what will make you a happier and healthier you."
Hannah- Teacher
"The main lesson I learned in the Why Wait Program was that I do know how to take care of myself and that I have control of the way I can feel. This is a very freeing concept. The cycles of my energy and ways to identify changes in my energy was very helpful. I learned a lot of scientific reasoning behind foods and behaviors that helped me understand why foods make me feel a certain way."
Jenny- Grad School Student
"The WWP helped me learn that taking care of my health isn't something I should put off until there is a problem. I have learned that by taking small steps each day, I can increase my energy, learn balance in my life, and decrease my stress level. This program is full of tons of relevant and informative topics and suggestions. I will continue to go back to my notes on the videos and my personal calls to learn more and deepen my goals as there is so much information. This program is a wealth of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement that I can be healthy in my daily life."
Laurie- Grad School Student
"I recommend this program because I did not think I needed it. But Jenna taught me that having support in my endeavor to live a balanced and healthy life is imperative! It is not easy being alone on this earth, so having someone call you twice a month to say, "How are those goals you've set for yourself?" is invaluable. We tend to be proud in our ability to stay strong and independent, but what Jenna has done is put together a program that consolidates all our questions about what foods to eat, what's at the root of our stresses and missteps, and most importantly, how can we correct what we unknowingly let slip out of balance? She's also aware of time constraints of busy lives and this program allows one to completely improve her life without sacrificing hours upon hours. The time spent here is concise, relaxing, and of course, life-changing."
Meghan- Writer/ Teacher
"The major thing I took from the program this time around was thinking about time differently. And really taking a deep breath and knowing that rushing will not help the situation. I really appreciated that advice, and it helped get me through the last few weeks of school when I felt like a crazy person."
Sarah- Dental Student

MicroTraining Participants

"The New Relationship With Stress MicroTraining helped me to implement new behaviors in realistic and small ways. A small helpful calendar to keep at my desk and daily reminders during the first week are on their way to becoming routine and habit for me.  

Jenna teaches accessible and everyday practices that seem so small, but can make a big difference. Her advice is easy to implement and she is always available to answer follow up questions or offer further advice. 

After this course, I am able to bring more awareness to my behaviors and more clearly identify what it is that stresses my system and how different stressors require different action. The small step approach makes the changes very doable and I am glad that the small steps have made such big changes in my day to day living." 

Jenny- Writer

6 Month Program

I would highly recommend Jenna Granger as a health coach! I signed up for Jenna’s six-month program, and it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. What I love about Jenna is how she helped me set realistic, attainable goals. Not only were these goals achievable but most importantly they are sustainable. Jenna set me up for success to make sure that after her program I would continue to work, achieve, and set new goals for myself. I can honestly say I looked forward to our bimonthly meetings, and I left our meetings with a sense of calm and ease. I appreciated that Jenna took time out of her schedule to call me in between our scheduled meetings to check in and see how I was doing. This was my first time seeing a health coach, so I was a bit apprehensive on how comfortable I would be opening up to someone else. Jenna was easy to talk to. Thank you Jenna for setting me up for success!!

Judith, Lake Tahoe, Ca

"Jenna approached my health from all angles; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. She asked me to dig deeper into myself to expand our perspective when looking at the unbalance I was feeling. Jenna always made me feel comfortable, expressing her compassion for me and what I was feeling by sharing some of her own stories and truly listening to my inner conflicts. I left every session feeling lighter, more in control, more positive. Jenna helped me look at things as a whole and gave me tools to find stability in all elements of my life. I would highly recommend working with Jenna to anyone who is looking to find well-being, balance and contentment in their life." 
Ali, Lake Tahoe, Ca
"I began working with Jenna after discovering I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. After being diagnosed, I was bombarded with information on what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, what medications to take, how much exercise to get, etc. and I began to feel insanely overwhelmed. It seemed impossible to develop a health plan I could stick to. I needed support desperately! Jenna was able to motivate me to stay focused, help me research all the numerous remedies for RA, suggest small ways to stay positive every day, and present a way of eating and living that was achievable and enjoyable.
My energy level is great, I am eating much better than ever before, getting more exercise than I have in awhile, and have not felt any symptoms of RA for about 3 months! I feel amazing!
Jenna has the unique ability to understand the deeper issues that are stopping you from achieving your health goals. She is not only a health coach, but a healer. She is a great listener, very compassionate, and always incredibly positive and encouraging. She also breaks bigger goals down into ones that are easy to accomplish. I would recommend Jenna to ANYONE and have! If you feel like you are lacking the willpower to make changes in your life, you will be absolutely surprised after the six month program. You will feel more balanced and full of joy. You will have knowledge and techniques to fall back on when you get off track. You will feel extremely content with your life. And you will feel so unbelievably grateful to have some of Jenna's knowledge and passion planted into your own day to day routine."
Sarah, Rochester, NY
"I started this program because I was concerned about my fluctuating energy levels. By making seemingly small changes through the recommendations I have noticed a significant change- very stabilized energy levels throughout the day. Also, my whole family is more health conscious and aware of better food choices. As a family, we are eating more vegetables and whole foods, cooking more at home and trying new things. I feel empowered to make big changes through small positive steps.
Jenna has been very knowledgeable and conscientious. I think her ability to listen and develop recommendations and goals that are personalized and attainable has been the main component of success for this program. I think everyone could benefit from this program!"
Ashley, Lake Tahoe, Ca
"So far, working with Jenna for the first 3 months of the 6 month program, I already feel I am developing a better self image. I am reworking how I see myself and feel empowered. I also feel empowered because I am taking charge of my health. I am eating healthier, moving more, I have less cravings, thinking more positively, learning to handle my emotions better, and even lost some weight, all of which have had a major impact on my life overall. What I really like about working with Jenna, is that she helps me set small, manageable goals that are not so grand that I automatically fail. I am interested to see what the next 3 months bring!"

Lela, Lake Tahoe, Ca
"Before working with Jenna, I felt scattered, ate foods that didn't make me feel good, and I didn't think that I had the willpower to make any lasting changes, but it turns out that I can! Working with Jenna was great because she gave me small recommendations that were doable and now I feel confident in the kitchen, I eat better foods and ones that are right for my body, I have less stress, I feel more balanced with my career and life, and I actually know what balance feels like, so now I know how to get back there! Overall I feel that I am living more true to myself. Jenna was an AMAZING guide through this journey!! She was positive, encouraging, and let the wisdom I needed come through me. I had not anticipated such a transformational experience and I am so grateful for it."
Maya, Santa Cruz, Ca
"I really love working with Jenna. We are half way through the 6 month program already! 
I notice a natural integration of some important changes that had previously been difficult for me. Now I enjoy consistent healthy food choices, and I have been able to add movement as a consistent part of my life.
I am able to make these changes by recognizing the process of how to make long lasting changes by being less connected to guilt and working with small doable steps. This has been very liberating for me. I see the strength in baby steps, and embrace it. I feel like I have a cushion for when I fall off so I just bounce right back on. I feel it is so much easier to live this way, BTW, I am happier too!
Jenna has had really good training in her coaching methods and has a natural way of sharing her experiences. I am very comfortable with her and our sessions. Jenna is a gem and I highly recommend making the commitment to her program." 
Elaine, Lake Tahoe, NV