3 Week Video/Online Trainings to support you (wherever you are) in one specific aspect of health.


1. A New Relationship with Stress

2. Move2Move- A New Foundational Approach


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MicroTraining #1 A New Relationship With Stress

Being humans, stress will be a part of our lives. So it is up to us to decide how to manage and interact with it. We are all currently managing our stress because we have to. But often we are using tools that just cover it up. Therefore our stress ends up piling up and we get sick, tired, frustrated, and hard to be around.

This training is about understanding how to use your stress to your advantage and learning to release it so you get it out of your system. This training does this through implementing techniques throughout your day that take very little time (I'm talking 10-15 minutes a day of added time max) and through understanding how stress works.

In this training you get 3 informative, empowering and inspiring lessons a week spread over 3 weeks. You get:

  • 3 Videos all about creating a new relationship with stress: tips, techniques, processes
  • 3 Worksheets to support actual change and implementation
  • The Daily Dose Stress Relief Guide
  • The Stress Connection Relief Guide
A New Relationship With Stress MicroTraining
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Not ready for the full training? How about free access to a mini video series on managing your stress? 

-Video #1: How Stress is Getting in the Way of You Being the Best YOU.

-Video #2: The #1 Roadblock When Managing Stress and What To Do to Move Past It

-Video #3: A Powerful Natural Stress Reliever That You Probably Aren't Using Now and How to Utilize It

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MicroTraining #2: Move2Move


3 week virtual program to transform your exercise experience to:

  • Find your motivation.

  • Develop an understanding of what your ideal exercise relationship is.

  • Establish a solid foundation for building your own exercise strategy.

  • Have sustainable, consistent, balanced movement in your life.


This MicroTraining is a model for women. For so long we have been trying to aspire to a masculine idea of exercise→ just do it, go as hard as you can, push yourself harder, compete, etc.. However, this model doesn’t work for all of us. For many women a more feminine approach would better serve us. One based in love, understanding, listening, support, wisdom, patience, flexibility and perhaps most of all- compassion (for ourselves!).

So what if we created a loving method of movement rather than a forced exercise regime?

Perhaps then we wouldn’t create unsustainable goals that turn into failure, guilt and self-doubt. Perhaps we wouldn’t push ourselves so hard, therefore having less injuries so we could keep moving. Perhaps we could listen to what our body needs rather than tell it. Perhaps we would enjoy movement, look forward to it and want to make time for it.

Perhaps we would realize how powerful taking care of ourselves is and how good it feels.

And perhaps then we would realize we are worth taking care of.

Create a new method for exercise that works for you.

Join me on this 3 week virtual program to transform your experience of exercise.


This program includes:

  • Videos (automatically sent to you to watch at your convenience)

  • Follow along worksheets that create a personal and interactive experience

  • Daily Journal Prompts to get you moving through personal blocks

  • Tips, Options, Techniques

  • Wisdom and Inspiration


What this program is not:

An exercise program that tells you what exercise to do everyday (there are plenty of those, this is something different).

This is not about moving to lose weight/ fear of gaining weight/ being overweight.

This is not about losing weight to have a ‘perfect body’.

This is about moving. Period.

Moving to see what happens. Moving to see how it affects your life. To see how you feel. 

Moving to see if there is a link between exercise and confidence, energy, clarity, self-love and worth, strength, awareness, forgiveness, and accountability.

Moving because you are worth taking care of.


And...this program is FREE.


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